Saturday, 19 September 2015

The orchard

As well as the Feijoa trees we planted last year by the senior playground, we are trying to establish an orchard between Pukerau Kohanga Reo and the far fence. There was already an  apple tree and look at the new additions!
Watch for more news of our 'growing' orchard!


Children who were involved in the working bee got to share some of the harvest of leeks.              Hopefully there will be more harvests in the future.

Children hard at work

More photos from the vegetable working bee

Parents hard at work

Message from Alicia

Dear Staff and Parents,

Thank you for helping prepare for, or participating!!  
We planted: Cabbage,
kale, bee friendly & butterfly friendly flowers,
potatoes, yams, bok choy, spring onions, red onions
and we tidied up the compost area. 

The compost is very smelly because it is in desperate need of some brown material.
 Brown leaves, cardboard, sticks, cocoa husks or sawdust. 

 Please add any of these if you can :)
       Alicia Rich
School  Garden Club
The Compost Classroom
        027 422 9861

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Come and join us

Russell Logo (Lt Bkgrd)

Russell School Whanau/Families, we need your help!

What:  Working bee
 Planting.  We want to fill the veg boxes with many more vegetables so families can benefit.

When: Fri 18th September

Time: 1.30 till 3pm
Experience: None needed, just a smile and willingness to help

Note: Cancelled if wet