Thursday, 15 October 2015

Beautiful entrance

When we came to school on Monday, this is what we saw!  
It was like a giant parcel. 

In the parcel was our beautiful new gate.

A reverend came and blessed the gate.

And one child from each class helped unwrap it.

It looks fantastic.

A BIG thank you to Nina who created it.
It is a beautiful way to enter our school.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Fancy Fence

The fence down by Room 1 is looking fantastic; bright, colourful and very special, thanks to the mural that last years, year 6s, made. 
It is paintings of themselves. 
Thanks to Nina and Tamua for hanging it, in the holidays.

More thank yous !

 Thank you to Mr Tennant for the plants for our garden.
There were snow peas and tomatoes.

And thank you to Whaea Bev, Irirongo and Anareia     ( from Room 1) who planted them for us.

Thank you Whaea Nancy

A big thank you to Whaea Nancy who added this Marlborough Rock Daisy to the office garden.
We look forward to it flowering like this